1 Month Beard (4 weeks) : Grow, Size, Trim & Progress

The 1-month beard is a stage that all bearded and mustachioed people know. Learn how to care for and trim it!
1 month beard: style, maintenance, size and accessories


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Whether you've just started growing your beard or you've been growing it for some time, you've probably been through the 1 month beard (30 days).

You probably have a few questions, like what is the average length of a one-month beard, or how to trim and care for it with beard products and accessories.

You are in the right place to maintain your one month beard with relevant advice.

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Beards for all ages:

How long is a 1 month beard?

The hair size of a one month old beard will be about 1,2cm (about 0,47 inches). This is an average determined by the average daily growth of your facial hair.

In fact, according to studies conducted, the beard will grow by about 0.3mm to 0.5mm per day.

A beard of more than one centimeter is the perfect length to start cutting and give it a form adapted to your desire and your face shape.

What material should I use to trim and maintain my 4 weeks beard ?

Now that you've determined the length of your 4 weeks beard, it's time to trim or shape it.

For a good take careI advise you to equip yourself with the appropriate material:

  • Comb/Brush : useful for detangling your hair
  • Scissors : perfect for working on imperfections such as protruding hairs or reworking your moustache
  • Razor: the great classic of men's grooming that will be useful every day
  • Trimmer : I really need to introduce you to her?

To do this, if you are just starting to grow your beard, a maintenance kit will be adapted because it contains a good part of the material you will need: scissors, comb, brush...

Alternatively, you can opt to buy the material you want starting with the basics :

To complete the picture, if you don't have one at home, buy a small beard trimmer (see the best lawnmowers buying guide here), your hair (and your wife) will thank you! As long as you clean the sink afterwards, otherwise your little buttocks will suffer.

Of course, you don't have no need for a professional mower to trim your beard of one month. On the other hand, I still advise you to buy quality equipment so you don't have to change it in a few months.
In addition, by then, your beard will surely have grown and you will have moved on to the 2 month beard stage, then 3 months...

How do I trim my 1 month old beard?

Like many men, your hair will be wild and may grow in all directions, with hair appearing on your cheeks or neck.

We won't lie to ourselves, it rarely looks very clean and pleasant to the eye...

The first step is to get rid of these "imperfections" and clean your cheeks and neck of unwanted hair.

Then, you can tackle the real subject: your beard!

Here are the few steps I recommend for trimming your 30 days beard:

  1. Start with brushing and combing your beard to detangle it as much as possible and allow a better size.
  2. Next, clean up the edges of your beard The cheeks and neck, where "excess" hair appears and makes a not very clean visual
  3. Finally, trim your beard with the clipper by passing several times to have a uniform length on the whole of your beard.
  4. You can also play with your mower's shoes to give the desired beard style : pointed, square, goatee...

Maintenance of a 30 days beard (about 1.2cm or 0,47 inches long)

To continue to grow your beard healthily, you will have to take care of it with beard care products: shampoos, oils, balms...

Beard shampoos

Like your hair, your beard will need to be cleaned and washed daily (or almost daily).

Classic hair shampoos are not suitable and are generally too aggressive and do not take care of the skin of the face.

Thus, I advise you to equip yourself with a beard shampoo of quality:

Beard oils

Essential for a strong and healthy beard: the oils ! Vegetable or essential, they will bring their many benefits:

  • Moisturizes and nourishes
  • Protects and strengthens
  • Growing aid
  • Softens and brightens

To choose your oil according to your needs, here are some presented on the BarbierDuWeb :

Otherwise, turn directly to our selection of oils for specific needs:

The one month beard: handsome?

We're already coming to the end of this article on 4 week old beards. You have learned the average size of a one month beard, which is on average 1.2cm.

Then, we saw what material is needed to take care of it and look after it.

Of course, we explained how to prune it to make it beautiful and clean.

Finally, we have seen with which beard care to maintain it powerful and robust!

And you, do you keep your one month beard, or did you let it grow more?

Source: Healthline

Get the The Bearded Man's Checklist

And learn more about all the care and accessories to maintain your beard!

Promise: No spam, only interesting info about beards.


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